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Mr.Micheal from Thailand
This institution have made Hair Transplant process so easy that i have not felt i came here from abroad, thanks to the entire team of HT4U.

Mr. George from USA
They explained me everything in brief about hair transplantation and (FUE) the latest technique, they have experties.

Mr. W.Ponting from UK
Thanks to HT4U team for giving me all the quick answers of my queries through e-mail and the standard of Hair Transplant surgery was excellent.

Mr.Allen Border from Mexico
I got complete value for my money and i am totally satisfied, hope will get excellent results.

Mr.Sukhwinder Singh from Vancouver Canada.
I suggest people who wants to go for Hair Transplant, get in touch with HT4U if they want to save their money.(Best treatment with all international facilities in lowest price )and i wish them success in their life.
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Beard Hair Transplant

The procedure for the hair transplant in beard is same as the hair transplant done to a bald head. Hair follicles are extracted from the hair rich donor area which is then transplanted to the beard required are as recipient.One can go beard transplant to look good and more man hood and ofcourse for style also.

After the beard begins growing approximately 2-3 months after the transplant, it will act just like natural hair because it is your own hair growing as it always did, just on a different part of your head. You can shave, trim, and style your facial hair and it will grow back like the hair on your scalp.

Most people are aware that hair can be transplanted to the head to get rid of baldness as baldness best solution, but most of the people donít know that they can also have beard transplant as well. A typical beard transplant procedure thickens existing beards or adds hair where there is none growing.

The donor hairs for a beard transplant procedure typically come from scalp because they most closely mimic the natural texture of facial hair. The donor hairs are then placed in the pre-selected areas by a procedure that is very close to the same as a typical hair transplant procedure. There is typically very little pain involved in a beard transplant and the normal patient can be back to their regular activities within just two weeks.

The transplanted hairs need to be shaved or trimmed and very shortly become a normal, natural looking aspect of your face. We typically advise my patients to hold off on shaving for the first 10 days after the procedure, though I have had some patients who carefully trimmed the hairs without any adverse effects after one week.

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